Important Things Before Determining A Moped

If you read a number of automotive magazines on the internet or buy them from a store, then you will find a debate that is not finished on electric vehicles like elmoped and gas vehicles or solar vehicles. All available choices have pros and cons factors. A good vehicle is providing benefits and conveniences for you; here are some important things that should be considered motorists before determining a moped:

Environmental Factors – Environment is where you live during life. Maintaining environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, so is when you buy a motorcycle. When you buy a motorbike it is better to choose elmoped because this vehicle has zero carbon emissions. Carbon emission directly or indirectly affects our environment and atmosphere in general. Elmoped is more environmentally friendly compared to the amount of emissions produced from vehicles that use gasoline. Green environment is the dream of all people in the world, to make it happen; everyone must reduce the use of gas and oil, especially in terms of transportation. And elmoped is the solution.

Comfort Factor – Everyone has their own views on comfort. Comfort is subjective, as a whole, using vehicles that use gasoline and diesel is easier to use. Also, in an emergency, a fuel station for conventional vehicles is found in every corner of the city. Electric mopeds use batteries to store power; you can fill them at home and avoid long queues. Don’t worry about using electric mopeds for long trips; these vehicles are also designed to travel for miles.

Performance Factors – Performance can be tested from the distance and maximum speed.
Normally electric moped speeds are 45 km / h, but there are also electric motors that have speeds like sports cars. Indeed, when compared to gas and gasoline motorcycles, elmoped has a lower speed. But this is the principle that is carried by environmentally friendly vehicles. The higher the speed of the vehicle, the more fuel consumption increases. If you want to feel peaceful and comfortable while driving without considering speed, elmoped is the perfect choice. What if you are late for work? Is it suitable to use elmoped? In this case not elmoped is to blame, but you have to get up early and leave for work early while enjoying the fresh air in the morning by riding an elmoped.

Safety Factor – There is no use if you drive a luxury vehicle, but it does not guarantee safety. The safety factor is a very important personal choice; it requires personal awareness to always use security equipment when driving such as helmet, gloves, jackets, shoes, if necessary glasses to avoid dust on the streets. Read the elmoped safety guide to be safe on the highway. Actually, elmoped educates motorists to be a good driver on the road. The maximum speed of 45 km / h directs the driver to be more patient on the road; the higher the speed provided by the vehicle it will tempt the motorist to drive it faster, if the motorbike is driven faster than your safety is at stake.

Overall, elmoped contributes to environmental sustainability and increases the level of safety when driving on the highway. Psychologically, this vehicle educates motorists to be more patient, hold back emotions when on the road even though the ride is hot. The most unique thing is elmoped trains you to be more disciplined to get up early, because you know that this vehicle cannot be driven faster than gas and gasoline vehicles.




Benefits of Oil Additives on Engine Lubricants

Oil additives like TriboTEX are products that can be mixed into the engine oil to increase the quality of engine performance. This oil turns out to have many benefits, one of which is reducing friction. Well, why can the friction on the engine be muted? Car owners need to understand that most oil additives have smart molecules called intelligent nano technology. This molecule can increase the viscosity of engine oil so that friction can be reduced and the engine does not heat up when the car is used for long distances or traffic jams.

Do you want the performance of a car or motorcycle engine to increase even though for long distances? If so, then you must use oil additives. According to the mechanic and car owner, oil additive is a magic product. But unfortunately, there are only a few car owners who know and use this product. They are usually members of motorbike clubs; they understand the tricks of motorbike maintenance, so using TriboTEX to improve engine performance.

Furthermore, if you read some research and references, then you will find evidence that the oil additive increases the viscosity at the operating temperature of the machine below 70 degrees Celsius. This shows that the oil additive will work optimally if the engine is in hot conditions. This oil will also have a positive impact on engine performance in minutes, after you add TriboTEX to engine oil during an oil change, then in 15 minutes you will see a difference in engine tone. Mileage and horsepower will also increase within 500 miles.

Alright, let’s look at the results of testing from the automotive experts. Tests are carried out to determine the level of engine oil viscosity using a viscosity meter. They compare between the pure lubricating oil and lubricant that has been mixed with oil additive. The test material has been operated on the vehicle engine for 30 hours with a rotation of 3,000 RPM. Lubricants that have been tested were measured for viscosity at 40 ° C, 55 ° C, 70 ° C, 85 ° C and 100 ° C with Viscometer devices. The results show that the lubricant mixed with oil additive increases viscosity.

The automotive experts suggest, for oil additive users should not be affected by the price in choosing a product. In fact, expensive prices do not guarantee good quality. You can find the best oil additive products through